We want to build a better world for future generations.

For this reason, we are partnering with Eden Projects to make donations based on the number of transactions of our customers.

We are very proud to say that we will be the pioneers of the project in Brazil and offer the dignity of fair employment to people living in impoverished communities, who become transformational agents of global forest restoration.

Since its establishment in 2015, Eden has planted more than;

  • 583

    million trees across its project nations

  • 20

    million trees/month

As a part of Speedy, all your transactions will take a part for creating livelihoods in areas of deforestation and extreme poverty.

We believe that the best way to contribute to the local community is to bring real benefits; social, economical and environmental. We have started our long-term work that involves many people, communities and deforested areas in worldwide.

Our work has started now and results will be seen over the next few months.

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